Neural Analytics Rebrands Itself NovaSignal™

July 7, 2020

Expanding Market and Commercial Expansion, at Scale, to Save Lives

Medical technology and data company Neural Analytics, Inc. announced a name change and rebranding as NovaSignal Corp., representing its expansion into new markets and accelerated commercialization of its life-saving solutions that measure blood flow in the brain.

NovaSignal aims to make measuring blood flow to the brain widespread, personal, and portable. Its goal is to make this measurement the “fifth vital sign” along with body temperature, blood pressure, pulse (heart rate), and breathing rate (respiratory). There are insufficient methods today to rapidly identify blood clots and other neurological abnormalities through brain blood flow. The company’s FDA-cleared system combines state-of-the-art robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) technology, and medically-proven ultrasound. The use of ultrasound aligns with recently expanded guidelines from the American Association of Neurology as a means to identify cryptogenic strokes.

“The change of our name and new branding is both symbolic and practical. It represents an exciting new chapter for us. Our mission is to change the way brain health is managed and enable life-saving treatment. We wanted a name that best reflects our confidence in the future, the impact of our patented neuro-technology solution, and our ambition as an emerging leader in the medical technology industry,” said Diane Bryant, chairman and CEO, of newlyminted NovaSignal. “We are at an important inflection point as a company with the growing adoption of technology in healthcare and the advancements in AI. We are scaling our core products and services, entering new markets, and expanding our customers with a sense of urgency and purpose.”

“We envision a future where annual assessment of your brain health is as common as today’s assessment of your heart and lungs. Stroke, Alzheimer’s, traumatic brain injury, Parkinson’s disease – all present with changes in brain blood flow,” Bryant said. “Brain-derived illnesses have touched all our lives, whether personally or through someone close to us. We envision a future where brain illness is eradicated. We strive to be the fifth vital sign,” she said.

New Name, Same Purpose

Novas (or novus) means “innovation” in Latin. It also means a sudden appearance of brightness, as a signal of an event. In the medical world the bright signals in our brain enable detection and diagnosis. “Signal” refers to the company’s patented technologies to collect and interpret blood flow in the brain using ultrasound signals, a measurement that can be acted upon. The combination creates NovaSignal, which reflects the company’s expansive mission beyond neurology.

“We develop novel technologies to provide actionable data to empower physicians with lifesaving information. Since we started in 2013, this has been our guiding principle,” said Robert Hamilton, Ph.D., co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer. “It’s humbling to see our solutions being used by physicians in so many different clinical areas and positively impacting patients. We are doubling down on inventing and innovating to unlock the power of blood flow data in the brain,” he said.

The Circles Logo

The new “Circles” logo was inspired by blood vessels and has triple meaning. The first represents the Circle of Willis – the name for the system of major blood vessels in the brain. Next is the “temporal window”, a circular area in the side of the head (otherwise known as a person’s “temple”) where blood flow is best detected and measured. The third is the representation of three large-to-small circles which signify a “signal” and “measurement.”

The NovaSignal name, logo, and brand identity are effective immediately and will be integrated across the company’s products throughout the rest of 2020.

Media Kit

Media Contact:
Lerie Kane, VP, Corporate Marketing
NovaSignal Corp.