NovaGuide™ 2
Intelligent Ultrasound

With cutting-edge AI and advanced robotics, NovaGuide 2 uniquely captures blood flow data in real time to identify brain illnesses and diseases that present as changes in cerebral blood flow. NovaGuide 2 provides the clinical team with critical information to guide patient diagnosis and treatment.

Advanced Algorithms

Deliver accurate & reliable patient assessments

Industry-Leading Envelope Trace

Delivers precise mean velocities and velocity trends

Automated Emboli Detection

Uniquely identifies and marks emboli for accurate clinical assessments

Industry-First Shunt Grade Assist

Identifies regions of interest to assist with grading right-to-left shunt severity

Quick Vessel Lock

Automatically identifies and locks onto cerebral vascular signals to speed exam start

Efficient Exam Experience

Speeds time to diagnosis & treatment

Laser Alignment Assist

Enables proper head cradle positioning using an eye-safe laser

Live-View Registration

Delivers real-time imaging for automated temporal window identification

Position Indicator Lights

Signal when probes are positioned at the correct distance from the patient’s head

The NovaGuide 2 Intelligent Ultrasound is revolutionizing how cerebral blood flow is harnessed and utilized.

The fully-automated NovaGuide 2 Intelligent Ultrasound is indicated to assess cerebral blood flow velocity within the major conducting arteries and veins of the head and neck, and to measure the occurrence of transient emboli signals within the bloodstream.

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