NovaGuide View

A revolutionary way to improve patient care. Offering secure, cloud-based access to dynamic exam data, NovaGuide View improves coordination of clinical teams, reduces time to intervention, and is a critical piece of the overall patient assessment.

Amplify Clinical Resources with Live Exam Streaming

Hospitals can expedite patient assessment and triage by quickly connecting patients with clinical specialists within the hospital or across the health system.

Remotely Monitor Cerebral Assessments

Members of the clinical team can remotely monitor vessel velocities and emboli count in real time. Automatic notifications on key events improve team coordination.

Exam-Quality Data to Improve Patient Care

With a comprehensive exam history, you can track a patient’s condition over time to evaluate treatment effectiveness. Easily access exam data including snapshots, videos with audio, and reports to help inform your diagnosis.

Secure, Encrypted, and Reliable

Securely populated with data straight from NovaGuide, NovaGuide View has multiple layers of security to ensure exam data is transferred, stored, and viewed securely. Asymmetric key encryption confirms and verifies digital signatures, ensuring only authorized users can access exam data.

NovaGuide View is designed by industry-leading security experts

Data is securely stored in a HIPAA-compliant cloud

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