NovaGuide View

A revolutionary way to improve patient care. Access exam data whenever you want, wherever you are. NovaGuide View provides secure, encrypted and reliable on-demand access to dynamic exam data. It is a critical piece of the overall patient assessment.

Secure, On-Demand Access Whenever it is Needed

Securely populated with data straight from the NovaGuide Intelligent Ultrasound, NovaGuide View delivers the full exam experience to help inform a diagnosis.

Exam-Quality Data to Improve Patient Care

View comprehensive exam data including snapshots, videos, and reports. Exam videos allow you to see and hear heartbeats, emboli, and bubbles to help inform your diagnosis.

Patient Trends at Your Fingertips

With a comprehensive exam history, NovaGuide View allows you to easily track your patient’s condition over time.

Secure, Encrypted, and Reliable

NovaGuide View has multiple layers of security to ensure exam data is transferred, stored, and viewed securely. Asymmetric key encryption confirms and verifies digital signatures, ensuring only authorized users can access exam data.

NovaGuide View is designed by industry-leading security experts

Data is securely stored in a HIPAA-compliant cloud

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