Vasomotor Reserve Testing

Determining cerebral ischemia/stroke risk through evaluation of cerebral vasomotor reserve.

Intraoperative TCD Monitoring
  • Review the evidence and utility for interoperative monitoring with TCD
  • Learn how TCD can be used to deliver clinically actionable information during surgery
  • Examine case studies from the Houston Methodist hospital
Ensuring High Accuracy with PFO Testing Using TCD

The higher sensitivity of TCD compared to echo bubble studies relies heavily on the use of correct techniques and appropriate supplies.

Embolus Detection With TCD How And When To Use It

Understand the technique for using TCD to detect emboli. Review how emboli can be a predictor of stroke. Discuss selecting therapy guided by embolic findings

Mastering M-Mode for Improved Efficiency

Learn about the use and benefits of Power M-Mode for increasing accuracy, vessel identification and emboli detection.